hey youngblood!
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I'm gabby and i like ryan ross' hands and brendon urie's applebottom.

If I did a q&a video would anyone have questions for me or would watch it????

Anonymous: She says she wouldn't be able to satisfy them if they want both. And when they marry the same sex they should call them gay and if thy marry the opposite they should say they're heterosexual. SHE SAYS TEY SHOULD CHOOSE AND OF THEY DONT WANT TO CHOOSE DONT GET MARRIED. She won't even let us get a sentence out.

I’m sorry she feels that way

Anonymous: My mom says bisexual people shouldn't get married. She says she would never date someone bisexual. SHE KEEPS SAYING THEY SHOULD MAKE UP THEIR MIND. OH MY GOD. SHE IS SAYING IT IS NOT FAIR TO THE OTHER PERSON. She's like "I would leave a bisexual person". She's calling it bullshit.

Wow okay this sucks. I think that the best thing to do in this situation (this is what I would do, but I’m not an expert on this stuff okay), is just let her have her opinion. Leave her be. Don’t push your beliefs onto her because she might resent them more if you do. And if you ever come home with a same-gender love interest, you simply address it right away, that this is your boy/girlfriend and that’s that. But I’m no expert on this, and parents are all different right

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